Pınar ÖZEL

Co-Partner & Sales Director

Pınar Ozel has obtained her Master degree in Business Administration from Istanbul Technical University and her Undergraduate Degree in Manufacturing Systems’ Engineering from Sabanci University. She is still studying PhD degree at Istanbul University on the subject of bidding models for energy markets. In addition, she has worked for over six years in Copper and Cable Manufacturing sector, earning a hedging certificate from LME before starting her PhD, and is also a certified accountant (CPA) within Turkey. By the mid of 2018, Pınar has started to work for SSB Global Co. as Sales Director at Istanbul and also taken the responsibility of a Steel Company at Erbil, Iraq as Project Coordinator. Since joining SSB Global Co., Pinar Ozel has been actively involved as Sales Director, representing Turkish exporters and foreign importers. Her expertise in trade matters is recognized and respected by many of the international companies in practice today.